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Diethyl Ether
Diethyl Ether
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Either you say Diethyl ether or just ether, anything will do. This drug is an organic compound that belongs to the ether class. Diethyl Ether has the formula as (C2H5)2O, and for a few times it is abbreviated as Et2O. Diethyl Ether has no color and is a highly inflammable liquid. It is a colourless, highly volatile flammable liquid. It was previously utilized as an overall sedative, until non-combustible medications were created, such as halothane. It has been utilized as a sporting medication to cause inebriation.

Uses of Diethyl Ether

The very common uses of Diethyl Etherare as a solvent in the science laboratories, as a fluid that helps in making the engines start, as a solvent in producing cellulose plastics, medical uses, recreational uses and the most important anaesthetic use. Present day sedative specialists are utilized to dispense with the impacts of aftereffects brought about by Diethyl Ether like retching and post-sedative sickness.

Safety and Stability

Diethyl Ether should never be stored in light or air, as this may lead to explosives. Diethyl Ether should be ignited at temperature 160 °C (320 °F).

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