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Etoxadrol is a dissociative physically insensitive drug. It is also observed that Etoxadrol is an NMDA antagonist also.This drug has same effects as PCP. Due to the reported side effects like nightmares (horrible dreams as if somebody will harm or kill them) and hallucinations (the feeling of visiting a completely new world that has no relation with the reality like hell), the use of this drug was discontinued on the commercial basis. This was first produced for use in humans as analgesics.

Side Effects of Etoxadrol

The side effects caused due to the use of Etoxadrol are increased in heart rate, increase in respiratory rate, vomiting, or loss of the righting reflex. The user of Etoxadrol may also face pleasant and frightening dream as well. According to the survey, 50% of people have experienced pleasant dreams, 25% of people have experienced horrible dreams and rest 25% have experienced no dreams at all. The dreams make users feel like floating, puffy or alienated from the world. Hallucinations occur in users for about 18 to 24 hours.

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