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Salvinorin a
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in Mexican Plant– Salvia Divinorum, the Main Active Psychotropic Molecule Is Considered to Be Salvinorin A. This Plant Is Known for Its Use as an Entheogen Since Decades by Indigenous Mazatec Shamans. Salvinorin a Is Also Known as a Dissociative Drug. in Terms of Structure, Salvinorin a Is Far Distinguished from Other Naturally Occurring Hallucinogens Like Mescaline, Dmt, and Psilocybin. the Structure of Salvinorin a Does Not Contain Nitrogen Atoms.

Effects of Salvinorin a

in Humans, Salvinorin a Dose Effects in Various Ways Such as Hallucinogenic Effects, Memory Effects and Dissociative Effects. Salvinorin a Also Produce Psychoactive Effects Such as Alterations in Mood, Behaviour, Perception or Consciousness.

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