Payment Procedure

A Comprehensive Guide to Understanding and Managing the Payments Process

This service is provided by Alliance EasyRx . By using this service, you are Comprehensive Guide that you understanding and agree to be legally bound by this ‘Payment Procedure’. Please read this ‘Payment Procedure’ carefully before accessing and/or ordering any medicine from our Website.

  • Alliance EasyRx  provides a good combination of payment sources, allows direct bank transfers and payments from all major Credit/Debit cards.
  • We accept your payment through Western Union, MoneyGram, Wire transfer, Bitcoins and Credit/Debit cards.
  • In providing payment card details, you confirm that you are authorised to use the card and authorise us, or our payment service provider, to take payment in full for the items in your order and any associated postage and packaging fees and any other charges that become due to us under the Terms and Conditions*.

*For further information, read: Terms and Conditions of Alliance EasyRx .

  • Fill the relevant information regarding the payment, note that fields marked with * are mandatory. After completion of the details, enter the generated 'captcha' and click 'submit'. This shall lead you to the Payment options.
  • In the payment gateway, select 'Card Payment' or 'Other Payment Modes'.The card/net banking payment modes will proceed in the usual way. The bank charges for each mode of payment are mentioned therein.
  • My Web Consult uses security technology, including firewalls and Secure Socket Layers to protect information submitted through this website.
  • We are a trusted entity and that we respect the privacy of our customers. We don’t share your saved account details or information of saved cards with anyone. You are secured at Alliance EasyRx  .
  • Alliance EasyRx understands that a big amount payment is critical – no matter how the customer wants to pay – and you can be sure those payments are processed quickly and securely.
  • The customers can view, download, print and pay all pharmaceutical purchases at Alliance EasyRx  .
  • We make efforts to improve operational efficiency by automating the payment process for purchases.

Payment Complaints Procedure:

Alliance EasyRx  aims to maintain 100% customer Managing satisfaction, but we realise there maybe instances where this is not the case. We operate a continuous improvement policy in customer care and try our best to get things right first time. If you have any issue regarding payment procedure or failed payment, please contact us immediately and our staff will be more than happy to rectify any issues you may have. For complaints please direct your concerns to [email protected]. We will endeavour to respond to you within 48 hours. If it is more of an urgent matter, then please phone us at +1 (904)-323-1239, instead to rectify any issues at the earliest possible opportunity.