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Metaphit is used in the research being a chemical that performs as an acylation of NMDARAn, sigma and DAT binding sites. It is believed and proved that Metaphit is used in the prevention of d-amphetamine induced hyperactivity, while remarkably diminishing dopamine content in the nucleus accumbens. For studying the cocaine receptor, Metaphit was the primary acylating ligand.

Effects of Metaphit

During the pre-treatment of Metaphit, the cataleptic effects get increases that are generated by cumulative doses of PCP-type drugs such as PCP, ketamine and m-amino PCP. The other cumulative doses that increase the effects are Dexoxadrol, LY 154716 and Cyclazocine.There is no contribution or role of Metaphit in affecting the pentobarbital-induced loss of righting, head-drop and eye closure.

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