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NPDPA being sold as a designer drug online, it is also a dissociative anaesthetic that is also popular with the name isopropylphenidine. NPDPA is first found and produced in Germany in the year 2008. But this drug never found its place like diphenidine and ephenidinedid. The users have reported the effects of NPDPA that it causes hallucinations and state of euphoria.


Disclaimer: It is highly recommended to consult a medical professional before consuming any kind of medication, including NPDPA. This creative output does not endorse the use of NPDPA and is purely fictional.

Are you looking for a new kind of high? Look no further than NPDPA! This designer drug is the perfect way to dissociate yourself from reality and enter a state of hallucinations and euphoria.

NPDPA, also known as isopropylphenidine, was first produced in Germany in 2008 but never gained the popularity of other dissociative anaesthetics like diphenidine and ephenidine. However, for those who have experienced NPDPA, its effects are unlike anything they have ever felt before.

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