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Butyryl Fentanyl (Hydrochloride)
Butyryl Fentanyl (Hydrochloride)
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Butyryl Fentanyl (Hydrochloride) is a highly potent drug that belongs to the family of synthetic opioid analgesics. It has one quarter of Fentanyl's potency and is distributed as a designer drug throughout the world. Other names of this medication include Nih 10486 and Butyr Fentanyl.

Side Effects of Butyryl Fentanyl (Hydrochloride)

the User May Suffer Various Side Effects While on the Medication of Butyryl Fentanyl (Hydrochloride). Some of the Side Effects Caused Bybutyryl Fentanyl (Hydrochloride)are Itching, Nausea, and Respiratory Depression That Can Prove to Be Life-Threatening Also.

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