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U-47700,  U-49900 Powder
U-47700, U-49900 Powder
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Where to Buy U-47700, U-49900 Powder Online

The product U-47700, U-49900 Powder you want to buy from this website. You strictly require a prescription. No product will be handed over without a valid prescription to customers if no specific prescription is required for the product. The customer should thoroughly be sure of side effects and dosage before buying the products for use. The person receiving the product has to be of legal age (18) above.

Be extra careful using this product as it has certain side effects from moderate to severe.
Consumption of this chemical can be very harmful to health. Make sure to monitor your consumption regularly. Always be careful about overdosage. We care about your body and prioritize your health first for ordering the
products from the website and be sure of their uses and dosages. Do read the precautions mentioned above. Consult your doctor immediately if the occurrence of and unplanned health events or allergies occur.

About U 47700/ U 49900

U 47700/ U 49900 has been categorized as an opioid.

Side Effects of U 47700/ U 49900

U 47700/ U 49900 is expected to make the occurrence of several side effects like strong analgesia, sedation, extreme euphoria, constipation, itching, and respiratory depression which could be harmful or fatal. It is also reported that users have experienced a feeling of pleasure and suppression of hysteria.

Some side effects that may also occur on the use of U 47700/ U 49900 include difficulty urinating, constriction in the pupils, constipation, and suppression of cough. It is advisable to be cautious while on the medication of U 47700/ U 49900 as respiratory system depression may also occur that can put your life at risk.


If you have overdosed on U 47700/ U 49900, then you may likely to suffer an abnormal breathing pattern, lack of knowledge, and breathlessness. This may further damage your brain also.

Where to Buy U 47700/ U 49900?

Buy U 47700/ U 49900 at an online sale without the prescription. This drug can be bought at affordable prices here at Alliance EasyRx. Order now!

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