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Man King 2800mg Capsule
Man King 2800mg Capsule
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How to Buy Man King Sexual Pills online

Buy Man King Pills is a health sex product that is made of highly natural bothanic and animal material with high and new techniques. This product can activate the sexual glands of men to generates sperm, promote the secondary develop-ment of genitals, and leave you feeling strong, energetic, and full of energy, without causing any side or toxin effects such as dependence, reddish face, nausea and headache. It can not be affected by hypertension, heart diseases or alcohol, and is of good treatment effect on prostate diseases. Man King is made by adopting the most advanced technology through highly concentrated natural plants and animal materials, it can activate the sexual glands of men, achieve sperm generating, promote the increase of the penis development, and make you fell strong, relaxed, energetic and full of energy, Man KING will not cause any side effect or toxin effects such as dependence, flushing, nausea and headache. Hypertension, heart disease or alcohol will not affect the result; it has good treatment on prostate disease.


2800mg * 5 grains/box, 8boxes/big box.

Main ingredients:

Ginseng, scalper's penis, Chinese matrimony-vine, pilose antler of young stages, longan sarcocarp, lily, buffalo's penis, fur seal's

penis etc.

Usage and Dosage:

one pill 10minutes before sex.


  1. Restores energy and reproduces blood, improves the kidney function.
  2. Solves impotence and the early ejaculation, helps those two lifts but not firm, lacks the ability to perform sex well, slow


  1. Increases the size of penis.
  2. Postopones the time of ejaculation.

Suitable People:

For men older than 18.


People with heart problems, pregnant women, and liver and kidney problems should not use the product.

Do not exceed the recommended dosage. Do not drink excessively.

Shelf Life:

Three years.


Sealed in a cool and dry environment.

Man King 2800mg Capsule Effects:

  • It helps to get longer and harder erections quickly
  • Maintain erections and say goodbye to premature ejaculation
  • It helps boost penis size and thickness and remain full of energy and vigor after sex
  • Made from completely natural ingredients. All medications can cause
  • side effects, but the capsules have no reported side effects yet.

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