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Weekend Prince Sex Capsule
Weekend Prince Sex Capsule
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Weekend Prince

Sex enhancer For Male


Lycium Fruit Extract, Chinese Yam Rhizome Extract, Rhodiola Rhizome Extract,   

Tribulus, Cnidium Fruit Extract, Pria Sclerotium Extract, Cordyceps, Maca Root

Extact, Cnidium Extract, Zanthoparmelia Scabrosa Extact.


  1. Enlarge your penis and erection
  2. Longer, more intense orgasm
  3. Improve your sex life and penile sensitivity
  4. Enhance desire, power, pleasure, and performance.




Take one soft gel 30 minutes prior to sexual activity. If frequent

erection occurs, drinking cold water can help. For the best result, take it a weekend. 

Detail description

Weekend Prince is a very fast and powerful male sexual enhancement gel tablet.
This product will give you amazing results on the very first pill! Take 1 tablet 15-20  minutes before sex for the remarkable quick effects.


Do not use if you take any medication within 12 hours. For people with heart condition and high blood pressure, consult physician before using. Minor headache for some people is normal.


Store in a safe, sealed, cool, and dry place and away from the reach of children. Also, please keep it away from the presence of direct sunlight.
Weekend Prince Side Effects:  Side effects such as increased blood pressure, stomach troubles and headaches have been reported by some users. We recommend using the medication after consulting your physician, making sure it is the right and safe product for you.

Shelf Life of Weekend Prince Sex CapsuleA

The shelf life of Weekend Prince Sex Capsules is 3 years.

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Designed for men seeking to enhance their sexual potency and endurance, these capsules are formulated to promote better blood circulation and stimulate the immune system, resulting in improved virility. With particular benefits for aging men, this medication can help address both physical and mental health concerns, providing relief from common symptoms associated with lower testosterone levels. Additionally, these capsules can support athletic performance and foster a greater sense of well-being and contentment, contributing to a higher quality of life. While the details mentioned here offer a general overview, it is important to consult the packaging for more comprehensive information.