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Tibet Babao 220mg Capsule
Tibet Babao 220mg Capsule
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  4. Enlarge penis about 4-6 inches
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  7. Specification: 220mg* 8 grains per box

Main Ingredients:

Tibet Donkey penis-kidney, Deer penis-kidney, fur seal kidney, gecko, saffron, cow testicles,
cordyceps, snow lotus, snow deer penis, sea horse, herbal distances, longan, ginseng, medlar.

Usage and Dosage

Orally taken one grain before intercourse with warm boiled water. (The beast time is 30~40min before intercourse. )


Strengthen the body and consolidate sperms. Enhance Yang and nourish the kidney, improve immunity.

Suitable Crowd:

Impotence, Premature ejection. Gonacratia, poor semen, lower sexual desire, short and thin penis, Waist and knee pain, Limb weakness, dizziness and tinnitus, Urinary frequency, prostatitis, and so on which results from renal deficiency.

Warm Notice:

  1. Don't take over dosage eagerly. Don't repeat use within 48hours.
  2. Drink cold water if eject or erect repeated

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