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Vigour 800mg  Herbal Tablets
Vigour 800mg Herbal Tablets
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Vigour 800mg herbal sex medicine for penis enhancement Vigour Pill is an all-natural, herbal remedy designed to bolster male sexual performance. In addition to being a potency enhancer, it is also an incredibly effective tonic to help with age-related issues that men often suffer from such as fatigue, forgetfulness, weak immunity, and indigestion. It is additionally used to address erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, loss of libido, and other erectile issues.

The Vigour Pill consists of powerful adaptogenic, anti-toxic, liver-protective and circulation-promoting herbs. Their consistent use can boost a wide range of facets of quality of life, such as physical condition, mental health, appetite, vigour, libido, and cardiac performance.

Buy vigour pill online is 100% natural with absolutely no harmful side effects. This product is meant to help boost male virility and sexual performance. It can also aid in improving blood circulation, liver and kidney function, sports performance, and stimulating the immune system. Furthermore, it is beneficial for mental and physical health, promoting a sense of wellbeing and easing problems caused by lower testosterone levels in aging men. Storage:stored in dry places at lower temperature. Keep it away from direct light


Each bottle of Vigour 800 Herbal 300mg Tablets contains ten pills, and orders can range from ten to thirty-five boxes. These Chinese herbal sex products have no reported adverse effects.

Dosage and directions for Use:

Take a single tablet at least 10 to 35 minutes before sexual intercourse
Shelf Life:
3 Years

Target Audience:

Individuals of all ages, from eighteen and up, who are seeking to increase virility or struggling with sexual dysfunction may gain advantages.

Warnings and Contraindications:

Patients with heart problems, blood pressure or anyone taking prescription medications. Usage of tablets is banned for women and anyone under the age of 18 years. If you are unsure whether the tablets are safe for you, consult your physician before consuming them. Do not solely rely on the details provided here and for any additional information such as date of manufacture, see the packaging box.